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Trail Report Oct, 29

Eastman ATV trail is open and clear,

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ATV Designated Trails - Rider Restrictions During Snowmobile Season

ATV trails are open to all trail users from April 1st to November 30th annually.  During the snowmobile season, December 1st to March 31st, please stay off of all groomed snowmobile trails.  These dates apply to all Snoman groomed trails, with the exception of the Interlake Pioneer Trail where the ATV closure dates are November1st to April 30th.

It is through mutual respect and cooperation that all trail enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the beautiful Manitoba trail system.

Club Information Membership

Despite the growth in popularity of the sport, all terrain operators are on the defensive. As time goes on, more and more areas that were once open to ATV/UTV use are closing. From private land to parkland, it seems it is becoming harder and harder to find places to ride, even in areas that have historically been a haven for riders. With this in mind we ask that you join your local club and association and share your riding areas with others. Only by promoting these areas will it be possible to keep these areas open to all terrain vehicles.

By being a club member of Eastman ATV Association Inc. (EATVA) you are also a paid member of the ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE ASSOCIATION OF MANITOBA (ATV-MB). We as a club pay your membership directly to ATV-MB from your EATVA membership fee. This fee is included in the price of your membership to EATVA. This membership will give you voting privilege with EATVA and also with ATV-MB.

When attending an EATVA club rides or events we ask that all riders follow our guidelines, respect one another and respect the environment. By doing so you will receive the best bang for your buck membership. You will have the privilege of riding with a respectful group of ATV'ers who with a combined ATV experience level will ensure your guidance and safe return in any event.

EATVA family memberships are $40 for a one year membership. What you receive for your membership will be exactly what you give when you join EATVA. What this statement means is we ask that all club members provide support, friendship and camaraderie to each and every other member. EATVA also works towards the long term goal of establishing funding for trail development and government matched grants, if and when the opportunity arises in the future.

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